Working Man

Trai bao và chuyên gia trị liệu xoa bóp chuyên dành cho nam giới ở Bang Victoria, Úc

Working Man is a free online resource for male escorts and massage therapists in Victoria, Australia.

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Started in 2016 by a male escort, Working Man provides newsletters and organises social events for male escorts and massage therapists. Based in Melbourne, Australia, the group is run by volunteers and has 320 active members. 

Our newsletters contain everything you need to know about working in Victoria and managing your business.










2019 short documentary 'Men at Work' features two male sex workers from Working Man and explores male sex work in Melbourne. The film was made by students as Deakin University. For more information see the 'Men at Work'

FaceBook page.

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Social Events

Working Man holds monthly friendly get-togethers for male escorts and massage therapists. We meet for lunch or dinner in cafes and restaurants around Melbourne. During May and June 2021 our social events are on hold due to another Victorian coronavirus lockdown.

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Our Free Newsletter

Working man was founded to support male escorts and massage therapists in their work. Our fortnightly newsletters are full of invaluable information written by experienced male escorts and massage therapists. We cover things like how to attract and retain regular clients, advertising, how much to charge, working on a visa, your work and the law, talking to your doctor, and much more. While our resources are most relevant to men working in Victoria, there is plenty of useful information for those working in other Australian states.


Membership is free and open to current or former male to male escorts and erotic/sensual massage therapists who work or live in Victoria, Australia. You don't have to use your legal name, but you will need to provide an email address. Our newsletters will be most useful to those who work in Victoria, Australia. Members receive fortnightly newsletters full of information relevant to their work. We accept new members who are already members of Red Files, our partner resource website. Working Man currently has 290 active members.

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